Bespoke Staircase Design and Installation

At Surrey Staircases, we’re passionate about stairs. Utilising the latest technology, our specialist Surrey team create bespoke staircases to suit a variety of homes and properties ranging from traditional styles to contemporary innovations. For quick, clean and reliable installation services, our professionals offer made to measure staircase solutions. With designs to meet your needs, styles to satisfy your taste and solutions to match your budget, discuss your staircase requirements with Surrey’s expert staircase manufacturers.

Loft, wooden, glass and cut string stairs

We specialise in the supply and installation of loft, wooden, glass and cut string bespoke staircases. Our made to measure stairs are tailored to your aesthetic and functionality requirements. Tailored loft staircases offer a seamless transition to your home’s next level, while traditional wooden staircases evoke a family home feel. Our tailored glass staircases add a modern feel to any home while our cut string staircases are a grand addition. We’ll help you select the perfect style for your home and create a bespoke staircase that meets your needs.

Staircase installation

Our staircase installation services are reliable and take into consideration your schedule and requirements. Not only are we able to install and fit your staircase at a time that suits you, we’re also able to remove all remnants of old staircases. As experienced staircase installers, we offer quality services that ensure a perfect fit. Our professionals offer flexible staircase installation services for added convenience and ease.