Installation and Repitching

At Surrey Staircases, we provide bespoke staircase design services tailored to your property and your space. Choose from contemporary and traditional design styles, offering the ultimate customisation to get what you really want. Our Surrey team is also able to provide staircase installation and repitching, ensuring that your bespoke staircase meets your aesthetic and functionality requirements. Discover our quality workmanship and dedication to our craft – choose Surrey Staircases for bespoke staircase installation and repitching in Surrey.


We’re more than happy to assist with staircase installation, lending our years of experience and expertise to ensuring your bespoke staircase is properly fitted. Our experts provide a fast, clean and reliable staircase installation at a flexible time that suits your schedule. We also remove all remnants of your old staircase, leaving your property spic and span.


Our professional team is able to repitch steep staircases to make ascents easier on the legs and descents easier on the head. Make moving up and down easier and more comfortable with quality repitching services that meet all building regulations and standards. When we repitch your stairs, we ensure that the finished product meets our high standard of workmanship and quality.